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Benvista PhotoZoom Pro 4.1.4 Incl Crack

Benvista PhotoZoom Pro 4.1.4 Incl Crack

Is a software which serves to increase the pixel size of image / photo without reducing the quality of the image / photo. Photo Zoom Pro v4 equipped with S-Spline technology that can enlarge images by eliminating the annoying noise and sharp. So if we have a small image size of about 100x 100x and wanted to enlarge the size to 1000x 1000x without making his image damaged / broken and so, well PhotoZoom Pro v4 is software that can help us
Benvista PhotoZoom Pro 4.1.4 Full Version - Merupakan software yang berfungsi untuk memperbesar ukuran pixel image/foto tanpa mengurangi kualitas dari image/foto tersebut. Photo Zoom Pro v4 dilengkapi tekhnologi S-Spline yang dapat memperbesar foto dengan menghilangkan noise dan sharp yang mengganggu. Jadi jika kita memiliki sebuah image yang ukurannya kecil sekitar 100x 100x dan ingin memperbesar ukurannya menjadi 1000x 1000x tanpa membuat imagenya rusak/pecah dan sebagainya, nah PhotoZoom Pro v4 inilah software yang bisa membantu kita untuk melakukan hal tersebut.


  • New S-Spline Max interpolation algorithm!
  • Higher quality image enlargements & higher quality downsizing
  • Advanced fine-tuning tools: create your own presets & save them for later
  • Batch processing
  • Multi-processor support
  • Works as stand-alone application, as well as Automation plug-in and Export plug-in for Photoshop
  • Extreme enlargements: up to 1 million by 1 million pixels!
  • Extensive support for high-end images
  • Compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Adobe Photoshop

What’s new in PhotoZoom Pro 4.1.4
  • New: Official Adobe Photoshop CS6 support
  • New: Official Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 support
  • New: Added more preview zooming levels
  • New: Added support for opening transparent GIF images
  • New: Added support for opening transparent PNG images containing a palette
  • Fixed: Saving of TIFF images with JPEG compression
  • Fixed: Thumbnails of saved images aren’t updated
  • Fixed: Maintain image’s orientation setting in saved TIFF images
  • Fixed: Precision of crop arguments in batch files
  • Fixed: Decoding certain BMP files while running under 64-bit

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