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Pirates Hack Facebook 1.5

Are you tired of looking for the way how to hack facebook?  Do you pay some one to hacek some one facebook ID? or your facebook was hacked  and your Pokerchips has been stolen? The answer is here, with this simple software you will be able to hack some one facebook Id like a pro. you dont need to learn script, this software will help you but before I start I have to make one thing clear, do not use this software to harm people, use this as education only, are you OK with that? if so, I will give it to you freely, 100% Free..
The newest Pirate hack facebook is the latest hacking facebook tool which has been very popular among the facebookers, with this newest version, you dont  need to have problem in hacking as you did with the previous version it will generate the password based on the victim’s  facebook ID (the way to determine the facebook ID can be learnt  in the video tutorial ) in less than two minutes, very impressive and powerful. The tracking accuracy reaches 100%, wow…I love this software. This  software  can also keep your facebook account from some one who wants to attacks your passwoord, the way to make your facebook secured is very easy, simply enter your email address (the email you use to sign up on facebook). I think all the manuals you need will be found in the video tutorial, so, just prepare yourself to get an exceptional experience by hacking your buddy’s facebook password.
you can download the software (Pirate hack facebook) and video tutorials by clicking the buttons below. Oops, I almost forget to tell you guys, the password is a1b. and they’re all free for you..

Pirates Hack Facebook versi 1.5 adalah aplikasi yang dapat memasuki database Facebook.com dan mengambil data user sesuai denagan fungsinya mendapatkan Password User Facebook.

Langkahnya kita tinggal setting IP Facebook.com lalu masukan Email/no.id User Facebook lalu tunggu maka akan muncul Passwordnya. Kalau Mau lebih lengkap silahkan download Videonya di youtube.com !!!

Video Tutorial