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Selamat berjumpa kembali sobat blogger semua. Pada postingan kali ini, saya akan menghadirkan sebuah software yang sudah lama dikenal banyak orang yang fungsinya untuk mengedit suara (sound), merekam, memodifikasi hingga sobat bisa membuat lagu (song) karya sobat sendiri. Software yang saya maksud adalah Cool Edit Pro. Dengan software ini pula, sobat akan bisa membuat karaoke mp3 sendiri. Dan untuk lebih jelasnya, silahkan sobat baca sendiri deskripsi lengkapnya (berbahasa Inggris) di bawah ini. Dan yang tidak kalah pentingnya, silahkan sobat blogger ber-eksperimen sendiri untuk mencoba semua fitur di program ini hingga sobat bisa menghasilkan karya-karya terbaik.

Cool Edit Pro is a power-packed digital sound editor for Windows-based PCs. Whether you need to record and modify a single .wav file, or want to have the tools to create the next number one hit song, Cool Edit Pro has you covered. And with great new features like built-in CD ripping, Cool Edit Pro is better than ever.

All of the functions required for taking an audio project from conception to completion are included in Cool Edit Pro. This means you don’t need third-party applications or ?plug-ins? to get the job done. However, plug-in support is built-in so you can use any DirectX-compatible audio plug-in as easily as Cool Edit Pro’s native effects.

Cool Edit Pro allows you to record and mix up to 128 stereo tracks using any Windows-compatible sound card. Have more than one sound card? No problem! Cool Edit Pro supports multiple multi-channel sound cards.

After you've recorded your tracks, take advantage of Cool Edit Pro's set of powerful enhancing tools. Add natural-sounding reverb. Process your sound files dynamic range to give it more oomph.
Adjust the timbre of the recording for just the right combination of highs and lows. Perform smooth-as-silk fades. Clean-up poor-sounding audio by removing clicks, pops, hum, and hiss. Stack your tracks on top of one another and arrange them with drag-and-drop ease.

When it comes time to mix your creation, you'll appreciate Cool Edit Pro's separate level, pan, mute, solo, and routing controls. It's like having a high-priced mixing console inside your PC without the high price!

Save your work in a variety of audio formats from industry-standard .wav, .au, and .aif files, to popular compressed formats like .mp3, mp3PRO, and wma.

Need to work with MIDI or video? Cool Edit Pro's MIDI and SMPTE support makes for seamless synchronization of your digital audio tracks. Since Cool Edit Pro generates MIDI time code, it can be the master in a mixed audio/MIDI/video environment.

Most of all, Cool Edit Pro is just plain fun to use. Whether you?re using the program for the first time or are a long-time Cool Edit Pro 1.x user, we bet you won't be using Cool Edit Pro too long before the word cool comes out of your mouth.

A Partial List of Cool Edit Pro's Features:
Multitrack editing and mixing up to 128 tracks!

Unmatched wave editing power
More than 40 DSP effects, mastering and analysis tools, and audio restoration features including Echo, Reverb, Flanging, Chorusing, Compression, Limiting, Equalization, Noise Reduction, Click & Pop Reduction, Clip Restoration, and more
Real-Time effects and equalization that can be non-destructively applied to any track

The ability to organize tracks into busses
Support for more than a dozen distinct file formats (not including sub-formats) including MIDI and video files

Built-in CD ripping
Friendly, customizable interface, complete with dockable windows and customizable shortcut hotkeys? for most functions
Powerful loop-based song creation, including session tempo and key matching.

Noise, Tone, and DTMF Tone generation
32-bit sample resolution support and full 32-bit internal processing with support for 24-bit/192 kHz and higher
Scripting and Batch-Processing capability, including the ability to batch convert audio files between formats, sampling rates, and sampling frequencies

Phrase recognition (auto cue generation)
Cue and Play List support for multiple files and for segments within files
Scientific filters, text export capability, and file-statistics gathering functions for data analysis

Waveform and Spectral View options
Multitrack SMPTE/MTC Master, MIDI and video support

The combination of Cool Edit Pro and any Windows sound card puts the power of a complete digital recording studio at your fingertips.

Screenshot-01: Full Version and the interface of Cool edit Pro 2.1

Screenshot-02: One of the steps in making karaoke mp3

I believe that you’ll be interested in this software. Well, to get the file, please go to the following three Download Links to get its Full Version.
1. INSTALLER / SETUP file [Cool Edit Pro v2.0 Setup.exe (19.80 MB)]:
2. INSTALLER / SETUP file [Cool Edit Pro v2.1 Setup.exe (16.56 MB)]:
3. PATCH & README [Serials & Installation Guide (1.67 MB)]:

Don’t forget to firstly read its INSTALLATION GUIDE in the README.TXT file before doing installation.

If you want to make Karaoke MP3, you can read its TUTORIAL from the following Download Link:
1. Via ZIDDU

NOTE: You may also download the file from the Torrent Links below: