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Active File Recovery Professional v8.1.2 Retail + Serial

Met jumpa lagi sobat blogger smua. Pada postingan kali ini, saya akan berbagi sebuah software yang mempunyai fungsi mengembalikan (recover) file-file yang telah hilang ataupun yang terhapus baik yang disengaja maupun tidak sengaja dari computer. Software ini juga mampu mengembalikan file-file sobat yang hilang sehabis sobat mempartisi hard disk. Software ini akan mampu juga undelete files yang telah hilang karena rusak, virus, maupun lantaran kerusakan directory. Utility dari software ini akan melakukan scanning drives dari hardisk computer sobat dalam sekejab dan menampilkan semua file yang bisa dikembalikan seperti semula (recovered). Dan software yang saya maksud adalah Active File Recovery Professional v8.1.2

Postingan ini sekaligus sebagai jawaban dari request salah satu sobat blogger. Semoga software ini mampu mengembalikan file sobat yang hilang.
Active@ File Recovery (5.01 MB) is a powerful software utility, designed to restore accidentally files and directories, that have been lost or deleted from your Windows system. It allows you to recover files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin, as well as those deleted after avoiding the Recycle Bin (e.g. Shift-Delete) and allows you to recover data after formatting or loss of partitions. Active@ File Recovery will also undelete files that have been lost by damage, virus or directory destruction. The utility scans computer hard drives in minutes and displays all files which can be recovered.

The Enterprise package of Active@ File Recovery also includes a Partition Recovery tool. They can be launched from the bootable CD to work with a crashed or failing computer system.
Active@ File Recovery Enterprise installation package contains a CD/DVD ISO image that you can burn to get a bootable CD or DVD with a lightweight version of Windows 7 running in RAM (WinPE 3.0). It is the only way to recover your data in the case that your system is not bootable and you cannot attach the damaged Hard Disk Drive to another machine.

  • Data Recovery on unbootable system due to a computer crash, virus attack, damage by malicious program,or power failure (Enterprise version)
  • Recovers deleted files from damaged, formatted or reformatted partitions
  • File recovery. Files that have been lost by formatting, damaged by virus attack, or a power failure
  • Partition recovery after disk partition(s) loss / format / damage on FAT, FAT32 and NTFS partitions (Professional and Enterprise versions)
  • Photos recovery, pictures recovery if they were deleted from flash media, or lost due to formatting a memory card
  • RAW Disk Image creation
  • Supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, NTFS+EFS file systems
  • Supports hardware RAID arrays and software RAID volumes. RAID data recovery
  • SuperScan technology recognizes 28 file types by signatures and sorts them in folders (see details)
  • Two types of drive scan: QuickScan (Fast) and SuperScan (Slow)
  • Full support for multi-language character sets (Unicode), recovers files and folders having names containing non-English characters (ex. Spanish, Chinese, Korean, etc.)
Key Features:
  • New! Active@ Organizer utility to organize / rename files after a catastrophic data loss (Professional and Enterprise versions)
  • Large disks are supported (larger than 2TB)
  • Improved Extended Scan algorithms
  • Full installation package now includes Bootable Disk Image, Bootable Disk Creator (Enterprise ver.)
  • Boot Disk Like is based now on Windows PE 3.1 (Windows 7 SP1)
  • Files and folders can be recovered on any internet-connected computer
  • Supports FAT12, FAT16,FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file systems
Operating System (OS): Windows XP/Vista/7
Interface: English

Quick Recovery Steps (langkah-langkah cepat me-recover file yang hilang):
  1. Download and install Active@ File Recovery on your computer (Avoid installing it to the disk where your lost files are located).
  2. Scan the disk (SuperScan is recommended for accurate results).
  3. Search for deleted files.
  4. Recover the deleted or lost files.
For you who needs this software, please go to the following Download Link to get its FULL VERSION.

Don’t forget to firstly read its INSTALLATION GUIDE in the README.TXT file before doing installation.