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Contest on Jackbook.com

This contest will not be determined by a draw like most contests. Luck will absolutely play no role here whatsoever as the top thee (3) contestants with the most number of points on July 10 (12:00am Jack's Time) will automatically go home with the price. Basically, what you have to do is collect all the points that you can get.

Prizes up for Grabs
  • 1st Place : $50 hard cash + 10,000 EntreCard Credits

  • 2nd Place : 1 month 125×125 Banner ad on Jackbook.com (On the sidebar) value $50 + 5,000 EntreCard Credits

  • 3rd Place : 5,000 EntreCard Credits

How to Earn Points

2 Points x The Blog's Pagerank ? Placing a blogroll link from your blog to www.JackBook.com. 1 Point for a Zero pagerank Blog

2 Points x The Blog's Pagerank ? Placing a blogroll link from your blog to RomeUy.com. 1 Point for Zero pagerank Blog

5 Points x The Blog's Pagerank ? 5 points for every blog post. Jackbook will not set a requirement for how many words your blog post should contain for as long as three (3) links be present on it and the links will be on a paragraph. (2 Points for Zero pagerank Blog)

Again, that is 5 points for every blog post. The more blogs you make with three links on it, the more points you get.

Jackbook will not count links from newly created blogs to avoid the creation of new blogs for the sole purpose of gaming this contest. Also reserve the right not to count links from blogs that do not qualify for the contest. Don't worry, if this will ever happen, jackbook will make sure to inform the contestant including the reason why they were not able to accept the entry so that he/she could take the links down ASAP.

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